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Come to the atmosphire of Karelian countryside!

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Saarila is an agro-tourism farm.

- We rent cottages located by the lake shore.

We have also pastures  of domestic animals and small village ways for hiking and biking.

In the Saarila yard there are the main building, stone barn and an old store house, all from the 1910′s. The historic environment creates an atmosphire of domesticity and tells about the North Karelian culture.

Our rental cottages are located about 400 m from the old Saarila yard. The distances between the cottages are about 100 m, and each of them has an own spacious yard and a private shore. The lake Viinijärvi is peaceful. There ar woodlands and pastures of domestic animals between the cottages and the Saarila yard.

The best in Saarila is its authentic, old-fashioned atmosphire. You can see animals pasturing in the fields, guests go to their cottages, and you can hear the tractor sound from the hayfield. 

Saarila is a good place for

  -  spending holidays  -  Christmas and Easter  -  meetings and refreshing days   -  autumn trips to pick berries and mushrooms  -  jogging and hiking  -  biking at the peaceful Solavillage  -  angling and rowing a boat  -  winter fishing from the ice hole